Loodgietersbedrijf Conijn

7.1 / 10.0
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Iepenlaan 14
1131CP Volendam

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Phone: (+31) 0655786151
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Paid €1.450 for a bathroom pump replacement for which I received 3 independent quotes afterwards for €700, €1.049 and €1.089. That's 53% more expensive than the average of these 3 quotes. Run-of-the-mill job – pump is easily reachable, and I even told Ramon that I believe it’s the pump that’s broken. He charged me for time spent in traffic to pick up the pump (which apparently is always in stock in his workshop). 1.5h labour, and 1.5h in traffic. For this I was charged €375, which bears no relation to the hourly rates on his website (www.loodgietersbedrijfamsterdam.com). I foolishly did not agree a price in advance and paid on his PIN machine in my house. Shocked by the price, he told me the pump costs €1.075 out of the €1.450 charged. A search on the internet for the exact same pump afterwards - €485 including delivery. 122% profit margin. Perhaps the mark up many plumbers charge (my advice – buy hardware yourself and request a plumber to install). When I emailed Ramon (Conijn) and asked him to explain why it was so expensive, he gave no explanation other than that is his price. I accused him of ripping me off, and told him that I would write a review and ask my friends to do the same. He was not forthcoming at first, and threatened me by warning that he “has friends” as well (whatever that means). He found out where I work and tried calling me there. After a day he offered me a €50 discount, which he withdrew when I said I was still going to write a review, after which he threatened me again. According to him the €361 by which he is more expensive than the most expensive quote I got is “geen €3.000”, meaning I shouldn’t make a fuss about it as it’s nothing. If you round up to thousands and have some cash to burn, this is the company for you! I can’t comment on the quality of work – the pump was neatly installed and functions properly.
He arrived on time and was available for the next day
Expensive and threatening
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Loodgieter Amsterdam(6.6/10.0)0km
Volendam - Iepenlaan 14
Loodgietersbedrijf Conijn bestaat uit Ramon Conijn (34) en een zorgvuldig geselecteerd team van gespecialiseerde loodgieters. De oprichter en naamgever van het bedrijf is na zijn ROC Opleiding en vijftien jaar durende loopbaan als werknemer, sinds april 2007 actief als zelfstandig ondernemer....meer...
Properties and Services: Installer, Maintenance service, Sewer inspection, Waste pipe, ...
Installatiebedrijf Jonk(7.2/10.0)0.4km
Volendam - Rokersgracht 15
C. Jonker Loodgieter(6.6/10.0)0.5km
Volendam - Maanstraat 41
Renolood Loodgietersbedrijf(6.4/10.0)0.5km
Volendam - C J Conijnstraat 22
Iwan van Rijn Loodgieter(7.6/10.0)0.6km
Volendam - Neptunusstraat 29
Volendam - Burgemeester van Baarstraat 3
Volendam - Hermesplantsoen 14
Loodgietersbedrijf EKL(6.6/10.0)0.8km
Volendam - Mercuriuslaan 13
Klaas Klus-Badkamers en Loodgieterswerk(6.8/10.0)0.8km
Volendam - Kapelstraat 12
Lou Buijs(7.8/10.0)0.9km
Volendam - Lupinestraat 21
Plumbing: Radiators, Roofing, Sanitair, Toilet, ...
Properties and Services: Craftsmanship, Geisers, Sales, Vaillant, ...
Bliek Sanitair(7.0/10.0)0.9km
Volendam - Julianaweg 141-gg
Plumbing: Bathrooms, Heating, Maintenance, Roofing, ...
Properties and Services: Craftsmanship, Emergency service, Installation, Installer, ...
Bond (Sport) Loodgieters(7.2/10.0)0.9km
Volendam - Boezelgracht 32

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